Backstory on how I started Cycling Day to Day

This is going to kind of function as a test post for my blog as well as my first blog post, so let’s see how this goes…

So, since this is the beginning of my blog, I figure it would be a good idea to go over the backstory on how I got started on this whole adventure.

So let’s start off with why I wanted an E-Bike (Well E-Cargo Bike), how I found out about the RadWagon, and why I chose to buy it. (and the whole shipping ordeal)

So, for the longest time, I have had the mentality of “If I can’t get supplies by myself, Then it’s going to be dead weight,” Which is a very sustainable approach but tends not to work too well. Take cars for instance: They tend not to work without gas, and I can’t supply it with gas in the middle of no-where. Electric on the other hand: That I can supply with just a few solar panels.

Originally I was just looking at an electric TuckTuck. (That’s a 3 Wheel Scooter with rear seating for passengers) One with a full cab design. Think of it like a little cheap electric car. One made in china would cost between $2,000 and $3,000. So it would be expensive but not that expensive. There are two problems with the idea:

  1. It is in a gray zone legally regarding registration.
  2. Finding insurance proved difficult as it does not really fall into any set category.

And then I found the RadWagon, I actually found it while watching Linus Tech Tips first and then saw it again on the What’s Inside Youtube Channel, and it looked very appealing for me. I proceeded to do a bit of research and quickly decided that this would be the bike for me.

The main reasons why are as follows: (in no specific order)

  • The battery is removable: This means re-charging it is easy.
  • It has a high cargo capacity, letting me have a trailer with stuff in it if I want. (Or just have a lot of cargo bags)
  • It had a reasonably high capacity battery, giving me a decent range.
  • I could use it as my primary mode of transport instead of the family minivan.
  • I would not have to pay for insurance.
  • It is considered (under California law) to be equivalent to a normal bike and can go anywhere a normal bike can go unless specifically prohibited at the entrance of the trail or whatever.
  • It felt ‘right’ for me. (Industrial feel? I don’t know.)

I worked all throughout the holiday season to make enough money to buy the bike and came up around $100 short. And then the price Dropped something like $250. YAY!

So I went ahead and bought it.

Shipping was supposed to take 3-4 days, it took over a week.

RadPower Bikes got the bike out within 24 hours wich was fantastic! UPS on the other hand…

Well UPS left the bike in Portland OR, for 6 days. It took me phoning them for them to go find the package and get it moving.

And of course, the box showed up damaged. (although nothing major was damaged and everything was fine except for one end-cap that they sent to me as soon as I phoned them.

All in all excellent support from RadPower Bikes.

Next post will be about my first 150 miles spent on the bike, lessons learned, and such. Expect it to be a very long post.

Yah… I’m no longer going to even try to plan what post to put up.

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