Thankful 2017

So, It’s thanksgiving this year. My family is not really doing much this year but I figured that I could try and make it a tradition to post about what I’m thankful for each year… So here I go!

  • My Family:
    I know that I am lucky for both of my parents to be alive and well, Something I hope I never take for granted.
  • My Bike:
    Let’s be honest: If I did not like my bike, would I be writing this blog? I love my bike, it makes me feel free. (Even if I also feel constrained a bit by the range.)
  • Good Books to read:
    I’m going to make a post about this but there are several online story’s that I have absolutely loved reading.

Remember to be thankful for what you have, you never know when you might lose it. Have a lovely thanksgiving.


Joshua Cline

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