A Short bit about taxes.

I swear I am not going to be doing that many post’s about politics, (I have one more but I think that can be a buffer post for when I eventually get sick and need pre-written content.) however this has been bugging me since before I got my bike.

There are tax breaks for Electric cars but not for Bikes or E-Bikes. (I don’t remember but I think it’s a California thing.)

Now I am all for pushing EV’s over petrol cars, I love Tesla cars and if I had a good job I might save up for one. The problem is the tax incentives are pushed as being pro-green. That’s not a problem except that both bikes and E-Bikes are far more green all things considered.

While it might just be a matter of cost… One of the preposed program for bikes and E-bikes would cost pennies compared to the cost of the EV program. Why? Well consider how much a EV costs. $25,000 is one of the cheapest you can get. Now consider one of the more expensive E-Bikes at ~$2,000, or a normal Bike at $300-800. So a rebate on a EV will always be more expensive than a E-Bike since there is more money to reduce.

The problem is people think of bikes as recreational vehicles. For good reason, I had been hesitant to ride my bike to my college (and ended up not doing so) during my summer semester due to heavy construction on the only bike route to the college. People just don’t think of bikes as a day-to-day vehicle.

The rebate would be applied to bikes for kids that are used not to and from school, but for fun in their court. It would not be used to ride to the store and back, but for the odd summer ride down to the lake / beach.

And there is no real solution to that problem. The fact is that that until people can begin to view bikes as a alternative to cars, we are going to remain stuck in this rut.

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