Apologies about the hiatus

So… My phone died last Saturday night. I had a whole list of blog posts of various locations where I would need to take photo’s… without a cellphone…

So that got sent to the manufacturer…

Then my family’s car had the side window blown out… Luckily I was not sitting next to that window on that specific trip. (Like I normally would.)

Good news, my phone was fixed for free (well I took it to a local shop to check it out first, that cost money.) and will be coming back. Bad news, it’s going to be at least until Tuesday.

So, I’m going to try and think up some article on something for this weekend… Probably going to edit together the snaptacle footage from my eclipse trip… Sorry about not informing you, I was handling the phone issue. (also a volunteer gig.)

Side-Note, Vid.Me is going down, so I am going to be transferring all my footage to being locally hosted.

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