Apologies about the hiatus

So… My phone died last Saturday night. I had a whole list of blog posts of various locations where I would need to take photo’s… without a cellphone… So that got sent to the manufacturer… Then my family’s car had the side window blown out… Luckily I was not sitting next to that window on … Continue reading "Apologies about the hiatus"

A Short bit about taxes.

I swear I am not going to be doing that many post’s about politics, (I have one more but I think that can be a buffer post for when I eventually get sick and need pre-written content.) however this has been bugging me since before I got my bike. There are tax breaks for Electric … Continue reading "A Short bit about taxes."

Thankful 2017

So, It’s thanksgiving this year. My family is not really doing much this year but I figured that I could try and make it a tradition to post about what I’m thankful for each year… So here I go! My Family: I know that I am lucky for both of my parents to be alive … Continue reading "Thankful 2017"